The Ultimate Internal Linking Cheat Sheet to Boost Your SEOSearch engine optimization is serious business and although most professional operators are busy building back links from quality industry specific authority websites many forget to include the all important internal links as well.

Good internal linking results in more page views and a lower bounce rate.

Search Engine Journal published a comprehensive article on best practice internal linking.

Main points are;

  1. create quality content that is worth linking too,
  2. be generous, at a minimum link to 2 or 3 other related content on your website,
  3. use descriptive link anchor text,
  4. structure all pages within 3 clicks of your home page
  5. try linking to content rather then pages from your menu (such as home page),
  6. Use breadcrumb navigation and ecommerce sites cross link to multiple products,

Article summary by Paul Woods from Portagemma: The Ultimate Internal Linking Cheat Sheet to Boost Your SEO

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